Direct Deposit Benefits

It's convenient.

Eliminates the need to deposit checks in person.

It's safer.

Reduces risk of lost or stolen checks.

It's faster.

Get direct access to your money on payday.

It's flexible.

You can divide your funds across multiple accounts.

Set Up Direct Deposit

Setting up Direct Deposit can be tedious. Not at Liberty Bay! We made it easy for you with ClickSWITCH™. Securely switch direct deposits and automatic payments in as little as 10 minutes.

  • If you opened your new account at a branch you were provided a SwitchTRACK code. You will use this code to log into ClickSWITCH and begin setting up your direct deposit.
  • If you opened your new account online, an email with instructions on how to access ClickSWITCH was sent to you so that you can begin setting up your direct deposit.
  • If you need a SwitchTRACK code contact our Member Services team or visit your local branch.

Give yourself more time and greater safety with direct deposit at Liberty Bay
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