Liberty Takes on a New Meaning to Liberty Bay CU Staff After Visit to Road To Responsibility, Inc.

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BRAINTREE, MASS (April 2, 2019) – Liberty is often associated with independence, something most of us do not need to contemplate on a daily basis. However, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities face daily challenges that impede their liberties. On a recent visit to Road To Responsibility, Liberty Bay Credit Union staff was able to witness the scope of work RTR does that enables individuals regain these liberties.

Liberty Bay Credit Union, a close partner to Road To Responsibility was invited to tour RTR’s day-service site in Braintree. Founded in 1988, RTR serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The impact was profound. Liberty Bay’s President Lyndon Matteson said, “The type of work RTR is doing is exemplary. The individuals that we met on-site were welcoming and engaging. Liberty Bay is proud to support this amazing organization.”

Marie Romilus, Program Director at the Braintree RTR site explained the schedule and nature of the work being done in-house as well as in the communities. Presently, individuals are employed at Wicked Good Cupcakes, Source One Financial Corp., Bin Ends Wine and Curtis Liquors to name a few. Job responsibilities include cleaning, shredding and assembling. Individuals involved with the program can also take advantage of programs such as yoga, cooking classes and karaoke.

“Our Community Based Day Support programs focus on community integration, employment and the development of skills, interests and connections to allow our individuals to thrive and become actively engaged in the communities where they live, work and play. Being part of the community is critical for not only our younger individuals by way of employment and volunteer activities, but also our older individuals who are also in need of engagement opportunities in their post-employment years,” said Chris White President and CEO of RTR.

“Individuals in the day program were excited to share their stories and we were moved by their positive experiences with RTR. We care deeply for our community partners and always want to take the time to understand the inner workings of the organization,” said Peter Dennis, Executive Vice President of Affinity Banking.