Ensure Security and Minimize Fraud with LBCU


Ensure Security and Minimize Fraud with LBCU

As banking operations move primarily online, a major concern many of our members have is how to ensure security and minimize fraud. Your credit union experts are here to provide some reassurance and advice so you can bank online with peace of mind.

Safeguard your accounts with online statements

With Liberty Bay Credit Union Online Statements, you’ll have less clutter and more protection. When you go paperless, you get free electronic versions of your paper statements with the same reliable information – but with added value and security.

  • Get secure 24/7 access through your online banking account
  • Receive alerts when your statement is ready
  • View, print, and download up to 18 months of statement history
  • View images of checks
  • Eliminate the risk of identity theft through lost or stolen mail

Make secure deposits, 100% insured

Liberty Bay Credit Union provides both NCUA and MSIC insurance, so your deposits with us are safe, secure and 100% insured – regardless of what’s happening in the markets. We have seen how volatile the markets can be, and much remains unknown regarding the long-term effects of this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. But one thing is certain: your LBCU deposits are safe with us.

Stay alert and avoid scammers

With COVID-19 making headlines daily, hackers and scammers are now using this potential public health crisis as an opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting businesses and consumers.

  • Fraudulent emails claiming to be from official WHO and CDC representatives have been directing unsuspecting recipients to harmful websites that load malware or other harmful applications, under the ruse of offering important pandemic information. The WHO and CDC have issued alert warnings.
  • The best practice for avoiding these and other email scams and hackers is to not click on any links in emails you were not expecting or you did not request. Simply IGNORE and DELETE these emails.
  • If you suspect you have clicked on a malicious link, change your secure information immediately and send us a secure message using Messenger in Online or Mobile Banking, or give us a call at (617) 439-6500.

Visit our Fraud & Security Center to learn more about the latest and most common scams and how you can avoid becoming a victim.

This new and challenging situation is changing daily, and your team at LBCU is committed to ensuring your financial security and getting through this together.