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Checking Accounts

We offer checking accounts to fit the needs of our diverse membership, which are designed to protect you, your family, and your finances.

Make The Switch

When you open your new checking account, we have an automated process that switches direct deposits, automatic payments, and even initiates the closing of old accounts for you.

Money Manager

Gain powerful insights on when, where, and how you spend. Our Money Manager tool allows you to view all your finances and gives you the tools to start simplifying your finances.

Personal Loan

Our quick, affordable personal loans could give you the cash you need when you need it, to use any way you wish, including debt consolidation.

At Liberty Bay we're here to make our members' lives easier

FA$Ttrack Financial Education

Preventing Overdraft Fees

An important part of managing your money includes making sure your spending doesn’t exceed the amount of cash you have. If you dip below the available balance in your checking account, you will likely be hit with an overdraft fee, which just adds to the bills you need to pay. Learn more with insights around:

  • Programs to help you manage your checking accounts and avoid overdraft fees
  • How overdraft fees can impact your finances
  • Laws and regulations to protect you from unwarranted fees
overdraft protection