Getting Started with Digital Banking from LBCU

digital banking from LBCU

Online and Mobile Banking makes it easier to manage your finances. That’s why, during the ongoing global pandemic, so many people are turning to digital banking that will help them improve their financial lives no matter what’s happening in the world. With digital banking from Liberty Bay, you’ll be able to monitor your accounts, make transfers and payments, deposit checks, and so much more. Let us help you get started!

Activating Your Online Banking Services

Having full access to your accounts online makes it easier than ever to improve and maintain your financial health. Register here to active your LBCU online banking services. All you need to get started is your Member Number and PIN.

TIP: make sure you’re somewhere private when you sign up! Keep your personal information secure by finding somewhere as private as possible when you access your accounts through digital banking.

Need more help? Call us at (617) 439-6500 or send us an email at membersvcs@libertybaycu.org.

Keep Track of Your Financial Health

Online and mobile access to your accounts allows you to see real-time account balances, review your transaction history, and view cleared check images. You can check your balance before you shop, review your spending habits to help you plan and stick to a budget, and much more!

Our online portal even offers Account Aggregation to let you gain a full view of your financial profile from Liberty Bay and all other participating financial institutions and creditors. And whenever you need help with your accounts, you can send and receive Liberty Bay Credit Union messages securely.

Transfer Funds to Just About Anyone!

You can easily send money internally (between your own accounts) or to any recipient through digital banking. For internal transfers and loan payments, simply sign into mobile or online banking. You’ll see options such as Transfer and Bill Pay that will allow you to move money around and make payments on loans and bills on the go. Manage your money whenever you need to, wherever you are.

Keep in mind that for some accounts, there may be a limit on how many transfers you can make during each statement cycle. For example, Premier Money Market Accounts have a limit of 6 withdrawals per calendar month. Check your account documents or ask an LBCU representative to double-check if your account has any limits like these.

Deposit Checks Remotely

Our mobile app allows you to deposit checks quickly and securely. Simply log into the LBCU app, go to Remote Check Deposit, and snap a photo. Remember to sign the back of the check! Follow any additional prompts for information, and you’re all done. Once your check is cleared, the cleared check image will remain available for you to access online anytime you need it.

Want to increase your remote deposit capture limit? No problem! Please contact Member Services at (617) 439-6500 to submit your request.


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