Improve Your Financial Literacy During the Pandemic


financial literacy

All of us, from the largest financial institutions to complete banking beginners, are adjusting to the long-term impacts of COVID-19. This includes learning and reassessing the best ways to manage money in both the short and long term. That makes right now a great time to improve your financial literacy! Get started with Liberty Bay’s online education portal, FA$Ttrack.

Financial Literacy Level: Beginner

Just getting started with your finances? We’ve all been there! Everyone needs to start somewhere, and we have just the right place for you.

Learn to build financial capability with 9 modules designed to take you through all the personal finance basics. From setting a budget, to managing debt, to establishing healthy habits and more, this playlist covers everything you need to know as you begin taking control of your financial life.

Helpful tip: we know learning about banking and finances can be overwhelming. Just take it one module at a time! Get familiar with terms and products that are most relevant to you and keep it up – just by getting started, you’re already doing a great job.

Financial Literacy Level: Intermediate

Do you know some basics about managing personal finances, but want to work your way up and expand your knowledge? Learn more about the banking products you use most, or about preparing for and managing major financial milestones such as owning a house or retiring.

Strengthen your financial foundations with 7 modules about getting the most out of common banking products. Learn about car loanscredit cards, and what on earth an overdraft fee is.

Getting ready for milestones such as buying and owning a home? We have helpful guides for every step in the process. What about something potentially further in the future, such as paying for collegebecoming a financial caregiver, or planning for retirement? No matter what stage of life you’re in, we have resources that can help!

Helpful tip: it’s never too early to think about caregiving, retirement, and other big events that may seem far away. When it comes to preparedness and interest accrual, you’ll thank yourself for starting as early as possible.

Financial Literacy Level: Expert

Hey, finance expert! Great job learning so much about the finance world. Guess what? There’s always more you can learn and do.

Get ready for the strongest financial future possible by investing and planning carefully. Follow our learning plan for all facets of investing, or learn how to make your investments sustainable. Investing is also great for supporting your preparation for retirement, which means learning about investing and retirement go hand in hand.

Already a master of investing and retirement planning? Make sure to keep up with the latest news – but in the meantime, maybe you should think about the small business sector too! Learn about managing, sustaining, or even starting a business with a strong financial foundation.

Helpful tip: even if you know plenty about all the different areas that make up a healthy financial life, make sure you’re keeping up with the latest news. The world of money is always changing, and staying on top of the news will help you stay ahead of the game!

Liberty Bay has always been committed to providing the resources for our community to learn more about financial management and health. Make sure to reach out if you have any questions or need any further guidance in choosing and using the right products for your financial health.

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